Tickets4Schools is an established and successful fund-raising scheme designed to raise much needed monies for schools and their PTA's.

Theatre and event tickets are sold directly to parents and staff of the school at a discounted price but inclusive of a mandatory donation (usually £5.00 per ticket) to the school. The more tickets sold via the school, the more money is raised. It's as simple as that!

Schools that already participate have raised thousands of pounds this way; money that is then used to enhance the facilities for the teachers and pupils in the form of trips, materials and equipment.


Offer: Best available seats (up to £85.00) available for just £30 which includes a £5.00 donation to your school for every ticket sold. Offer applies to all performances until 18th May, excluding the matinee performance on 24th April. Emilia plays at 7.30pm Monday to Saturday and 2.30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

1609. I AM EMILIA.


400 years ago Emilia Bassano wanted her voice to be heard. It wasn’t. Co…